Well, this isn't much of an update really, but Dane is still in the Corrections Corporation of America facility in Florence, AZ. There are some bureaucratic cogs that need to turn before he is extradited. We don't know when he will be transferred. He is in good spirits and, as always, appreciates the solidarity.


Check out The Final Straw this week which discusses Dane's extradition case and please share it with others.


Dane has a bail hearing on March 21st. We are hoping he will be offered bail at that time and that we will be able to get him out. When we get a concrete number we will let you know what it is. 

We've just posted a fund-raising poster- please check it out! The blank space is for you to write in the details of the event that you will be organizing in your city.

Dane is generally in good spirits, or as good as can be expected and sends his love and appreciation to everyone who has reached out to offer support. 


During the course of Dane's arrest by Federal Marshals he was interrogated by an FBI agent. The agent asked him about connections in "Florida, New York and elsewhere." Dane refused to speak with the agent and made it clear that he was not interested in giving them any information.