Friday, March 22, 2013

Dane Rossman Denied Bail After One Month of Detention

"They're trying to fly me to Canada and boy are my arms tired!"   

Dane was denied bail yesterday after being detained for exactly one month. In front of a courtroom packed with Dane's Tucson friends and supporters, a Federal Magistrate ruled that Dane was a flight risk and refused to set bail conditions. Dane found the finding that he was a flight risk ironic given that he spends much of his time hollering about transience being the bane of North American anarchism. The Magistrate also refused to consider the various special circumstances surrounding Dane's detention and possible extradition, ruling that because Dane posed some flight risk, however small, these matters need not be considered.

Dane would like to send his personal thanks to all of his supporters who showed up for his hearing. He also wants people to know that the U.S. Marshals instructed him that he was not allowed to look at the crowd during his hearing.

Dane's extradition hearing is set for mid-April. Please check back for more updates, and please do consider donating funds or organizing a fundraiser in your area as the costs surrounding Dane's detention and legal process are expected to be quite high.

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