Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dane Rossman to be Extradited to Canada

     On the morning of April 17th, Federal Magistrate D. Thomas Ferraro ruled that Dane Rossman is to be extradited to Canada to face two charges stemming from the G20 protest in Toronto in 2010. The court ruled that there was probable cause to extradite based on several photos. As soon as the State Department certifies his extradition, Dane will be taken to Toronto in the custody of Canadian authorities.

     Because of recent suicide attempts at the CCA facility where Dane is being held, his entire section has been on lockdown and he has not been allowed out of his cell for several days. He and his fellow inmates have been unable to call their friends and family, exercise outside, shower, or use the microwave. This absurd response by prison authorities is indicative of the collective punishment policies that define prison life. The fact that prison authorities have decided to respond to suicide attempts inside their facility by making life inside even more intolerable, ostensibly in order to help those incarcerated, is demonstrative of the evident truth that these institutions cannot ultimately be reformed but only dismantled. 

     Dane will remain incarcerated until his extradition and then will likely remain in jail in Canada. Please continue to support Dane as he continues his legal process by donating to his defense fund, and check back for more updates including how to write to him in Canada. 

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